ciclo de conversas

Ciclo de Conversas is an event with talks for creatives and designers that happens every year in Coimbra. This is our branding proposal for the 2016 edition

Graphic & Motion Design

Proposta de Capa Facebook Dia 5
Proposta de Capa Facebook Dia 26

— Since the theme was the question “Who are we?” we decided to answer with something that connects the designers with every other citizen from our hometown: we are humans. Simple uh? As humans, everyone is affected by the design in our day-to-day so the goal of our project is to pass the idea that the design is for everyone, freeing it from the label that is something futile and unnecessary. To translate graphically our concept, we opted to make projections, since an image, projected in different surfaces, adquires different shapes and expressions, although in the end it’s still the same.

In collaboration with:
Carina Leitão
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Proposta de Cartaz do Ciclo de Conversas
Mockup da Proposta de Cartaz do Ciclo de Conversas

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