requiem installation

Requiem is a an interactive installation based on the book “A Ilustres Máquina de Ramires” by António Pocinho that explores the lifecycle of the machine, alerting for their similarities with the human beings.

Interaction & Web Design

Gif do Site da Instalação Requiem
Foto da Instalação Requiem
Foto da Interação com Polaroids Instalação Requiem

— It has 7 interactions in 7 different body localisations and which one represents one chapter of the book. The interactions varie in purpose and type, some are merely analog and some rely on arduinos, processing or even augmented reality. The visitor would interact around the humanoid, built with old pieces from cars, in an effort to try to understand it (or him). We also developed a website that explained the concept of the installation to the visitors of the exhibition and a silver booklet as well.

In collaboration with:
Carina Leitão & Mário Abrantes
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Foto da Interação com Arduino Instalação Requiem
Foto da Interação com Realidade Aumentada Instalação Requiem

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